Timișoara’s attractions are complemented by those around it, and those eager to escape the urban hustle and bustle will find true oases of natural beauty and total relaxation. Tourist complexes, recreational areas, wildlife sanctuaries, vast parks are easily accessible by private car or by one provided by a car rental company in Timișoara. 

In the following, with the help of images and words, you will find our proposals, then discover them in reality with friends or family, in short visits of a few hours or over a whole day.


As for the wine produced here, time has also ennobled those who produce it through perfect craftsmanship and boundless passion, the first attestation dating back to 1447, in a notarial document, now in the Banat Museum treasury. At that time Mihail de Ciorna, the ban of Severin, bought the vineyards from the noblemen Ioan and Ecaterina Magyar for 32 gold florins.

From 1991 to the present day, the Recaș Winery Company carries on this history with significant investments, innovation and passion: the vineyards cover about 1,150 hectares, the production and storage capacity is approx. 32,000,000 litres and the company is the first on the Romanian wine market according to the turnover in 2020, being also the largest exporter of bottled wines in Romania (responsible for about 55% of all local wine that reaches abroad).

By booking at +40.744.366.146 you can visit the vineyard and the old winery, all followed by a tasting of white, rosé or red wines. Further details : https://cramelerecas.ro/ .

Domeniul Herneacova  (35 km) 

The domain offers both adults and children multiple opportunities for relaxation and fun in a place full of natural beauty. Horse lovers will be delighted by the recreational horse riding and horse competitions, complemented by carriage rides, and those eager for adrenaline rushes can try the adventure park where the Megatiroliana crossing the estate (one way – 260 m and return – 340 m, with heights between 5 and 20 m) is not to be missed.

After so many outdoor activities, hunger will inevitably kick in. No problem! Casa Herneacova Restaurant offers a rich and varied menu with traditional Romanian cuisine and international specialities.

Information or reservations can be made by phone: +40-356.829.810. Further details on: https://www.herneacova.ro/ .

Parcul Central din Buziaș  (32 km) 

Once in the park in the heart of Buziaș, visitors can enjoy the relaxation offered by the lush vegetation, in the shade of venerable plane trees and two unique attractions: The Colonada and the terrace “At the airport”.

The Colonada is a wooden construction unique in Europe that covers a 500-metre-long alleyway with wood carvings that make you think of fine lacework. It was built at the request of Emperor Franz Joseph for his wife, Empress Sisi, so that she could have a fairytale setting for her walks.

The unusual “At the Airport” terrace is given by a Soviet-built Lisunov aircraft, which copies the much more famous Douglas DC3 of the US Air Force, nicknamed the “Dakota”. Legend has it that it belonged to the communist leader Gheorgiu Dej. The rich offer of non-alcoholic and alcoholic drinks is complemented by a varied menu.

Parcul dendrologic de la Bazoș  (20 km) 

Bazoș Park has been a nature monument since 1984 and ten years later, in 1994, it was declared a protected area. It is part of the International Association of Botanic Gardens and contains at least 800 different species of trees and shrubs, some of them unique in the country.

The attraction of the park is an almost 500-year-old oak, one of the oldest trees in Timiș: it is over 30 metres tall and four people with open arms are not enough to surround its trunk.

At the entrance to the dendrological park is the Hotel Restaurant Stejarul **** which offers those tired and hungry after a long walk through the forest a place to rest, welcoming and elegant, with varied dishes on a menu where international recipes mix with hunting ones.

Charlottenburg  (45 km) 

Declared a historical monument by the Ministry of Culture, Charlottenburg village is the unique circular village in Romania. The reason for adopting the circular shape was the desire of Count Karl Ignaz Clary – Aldringen to protect his estate from possible destruction by wild animals.

The village is famous for the centuries-old elders in the centre of the village, which together with the beautiful Swabian houses and the Roman Catholic church give the area a special rural charm. The largest and oldest hunting park in the country is also located here, and in 2014 the Charlottenburg Hunting Museum was opened.

Mlastinile Satchinez (28 km)

On the border of Satchinez, the Satchinez Marshes Nature Reserve, established in 1942 at the proposal of ornithologist Dionisie Linția, covers an area of 242 hectares. More than 53% of the bird species present in Romania live here in an area suitable for nesting and hatching.

Among the protected species nesting here are the skylark (Recurvirostra avosetta), the little egret (Egretta garzetta), the great egret (Egretta bianca), the stilt (Himantopus himantopus), the grey tit (Ardea cinerea), the yellow tit (Ardeola ralloides), the little tit (Ixobrychus minutus), the red tit (Ardea purpurea), the night heron (Nycticorax nycticorax) and others.

The best time to see birds in the reserve is between 15 April and 15 September.

If you need a car to get to these destinations, you can use the services of AWR Lease Services, the car rental company in Timisoara, where you can find a car always ready at low prices. Simply call +40 256 20 24 10 , send an email to info@awr.ro or visit the awr.ro website.

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