The continuous desire to develop and redefine the comfort for the customer and not least for the AWR team, made the 18th anniversary of the company find AWR Lease Services in a new location. 


The new location has direct access from Grigore Alexandrescu Street, No. 177 Iris Block 5, Staircase E, Ground Floor, Timișoara 300633.

Those interested in benefiting from the services provided by AWR, be it operational leasing, rent-a-car or individual transfer of people, will find in the new space a welcoming and modern place, with experienced and trained staff to offer the most suitable mobility solutions.

New location


Grigore Alexandrescu Street, No. 177 Iris Block 5, Staircase E, Ground Floor, SAD, Timișoara 300633

+40 256 20 24 10

+40 374 49 48 47

Monday – Friday: 9:00 – 18:00
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed


The open, inviting space, where natural light blends with artificial light in a unique, yet natural and pleasing to the eye, with modern furniture created to the highest standards, define AWR’s core characteristics – Quality and Excellence.

AWR Lease Services locatie noua receptie
AWR Lease Services locatie noua birou

The state-of-the-art IT infrastructure used allows easy and fast management of external activities related to customers, suppliers, local administration, etc., as well as internal, interdepartmental activities.

Clients have a multitude of communication channels open to their requirements to AWR staff.

In parallel with the project of the new office and as a complement to it, an IT project is being developed to extend an existing application to the specific customised requirements, which will lead to another leap in the evolution of the company in the relationship with customers.


Instead of a conclusion, we invite you to visit us and convince yourself that we treat every requirement with the same attention and professionalism.

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