As the economic outlook has worsened due to the Covid pandemic, the staffing and energy crisis and galloping inflation, more and more companies have been looking for ways to optimise or reduce costs, and one of them is car operating leases.

The reasons for choosing operational leasing stem from the way the whole process works, from the initial contacts with the leasing company to the completion of the contract by handing over the car. The main reasons are listed below:

1. Possibility for the user company to choose a machine that meets 100% of the requirements 

The end-user can choose any vehicle, either passenger car or commercial vehicle, with petrol, diesel, hybrid or electric engine, with passenger or load carrying capacity from a wide range, depending on his actual needs.

2. Predictable and constant cost guarantee throughout the lease term 

The company opting for this service pays a fixed monthly fee to the leasing company which includes all costs related to the purchase (capital costs, depreciation of the car, administrative charges, interest, road tax, payment of taxes) and the costs of additional services (insurance, maintenance, tyre change, damage management, mileage and fuel monitoring).

Monthly fee

Financial expenses 

Capital costs
Leasing tax
Administrative fees


Fees and taxes 

The car registration document
Annual tax
Registration / Cancellation
Pollution tax




Mobility services 

Door to door


Administrative costs 

Specific staff
IT systems
Directing expenses

3. Outsourcing fleet management to leasing companies

By purchasing the additional services related to the management of a car or fleet of cars mentioned above, a dedicated advisor, employed by the leasing company, will monitor the use of the car or cars in question, both from a technical functional point of view and from the point of view of the documents required for legal circulation on public roads.

4. Uninterrupted machine availability 

The leasing company ensures the replacement of the immobilised car either due to an accident, regardless of who was at fault, or for maintenance or repair work. This allows the user to carry out his activity without any interruption.

5. Red tape reduced to a minimum 

Almost all the paperwork is done by the leasing company, the car is not recorded as a fixed asset in the accounts of the company opting for the service, and this means a considerable reduction in bookkeeping and improved financial indicators. Relations with local and central government, insurers and car servicing companies are handled by the leasing company.


If you want more information or need a leased car, you can turn to AWR Lease Services, a car rental and leasing company in Timisoara. Simply call +40 256 20 24 10 , send an email to or visit the website.

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